Tips on Creating an Essay Fast

Sometimes, being a college student can be so tricky. Time is never on your side. A tight schedule, countless assignments, and short deadlines can drive you crazy. Don’t forget you need to live your other life too.

Well, what do you do to write your essay quickly and at least save some valuable time for other tasks? Here are some amazing writing tips to get you through this. 

1. Begin early enough

For any normal college student, starting an essay is usually the toughest part. You’ve got to fight against all the forces of procrastination, laziness, misplaced priorities, and tiredness. Sometimes the best way to fight them is just to start writing. 

When you start working on your essay early enough, you won’t have tight time limits. You will definitely finish early and escape the last minute rush.

2. Meditate on the topic

Before you even start, you need to clearly know your topic. What kind of materials do you require? Do you need to do any research? You should also take some time to just think about the topic. You can write it on something like a sticky note or include it in your diary. This way, you won’t forget about it.

Contemplating on the topic can give you a chance to brainstorm some important points. You can also prepare the necessary materials for the essay.

3. Draft a rough copy 

A draft will help you express all your ideas in the essay without paying attention to mistakes. It’s just the same as writing your thoughts on paper. This should be the first process of writing a paper. You can write a rough copy in as short as 30 minutes depending on the length of the paper. On the draft, create an outline and follow it strictly. When writing the introduction, make sure you include the thesis statement. This is very important.

4. Decide on your writing order 

Some writers follow the logical order of the essay parts when writing. That is, they start with the introduction, write the body paragraphs, and finish with the conclusion. Else ways, others start with the body and finish with the introduction and conclusion. 

Decide on which order favors you. For majority of writers, writing the body paragraphs first works really well. This is because both the introduction and the conclusion depend on the body of the essay. With the body already written, it can be easier to come up with a compelling introduction and conclusion. All in all, a person with perfect writing skills can use any method and still bring out the real objective of the essay. 

5. Take a break

A tight schedule can really drive you crazy. Once your mind is occupied with so many things at ago, it may be difficult to write an essay in just one sitting. You can put the draft aside and take some time off. A break is important since you need to refresh and have a mind rest. Even 15 minutes can be enough for you to refresh and continue working. 

A refreshed mind is the starter pack you need to write a great essay. You can grab some coffee, enjoy a snack, watch a clip, talk to friends, or just take a nap. All these really help in cooling the mind and giving you some rest.

6. Write the final copy

With a refreshed mind, you can now write the clean copy comfortably. You just need to correct the mistakes on your draft and include the points you possibly left out. Make sure the body of the essay has all the crucial points and their supporting information. 

Unlike in the rough copy, you should improve your writing in all dimensions. If it’s a handwritten paper, make sure your handwriting is perfect. Finally, make sure the conclusion is straight to the point. Don’t introduce any new ideas in the conclusion. This shouldn’t take much time. By the end of the first hour, you should’ve finished.


Not everyone can work well under pressure. You don’t really want to go insane because of tight schedules, do you? You can always maneuver your way through. These writing tips can be very helpful if you put them into practice. Also, in case things are out of hand and you can’t just write the essay, Rapid Essay is a college writing service that is always there for you. You can simply place an order and your essay will be written in the most perfect way possible. In just a short time, you can receive your well-written essay, at just an affordable cost.