Review is a custom writing service that specializes in two areas, that is paper dissertations and Ph.D. thesis. Having said so, most of the reviews one will find on webpage talk only about dissertations leading to a false conclusion that only students having such academic papers should seek their services. Even with that alone, the Ph.D. thesis put aside, can efficiently handle your dissertation? Hold on that is what everybody else asks. The review below will answer it well.

Usability and design of the site

To differentiate itself from others, website is featured with modernity. Before going far, the picture displayed on the home page is managed to express youthfulness. The goal of the image is aimed at giving a blueprint that they offer writing service primarily to the young generation. The header section contains related contact information as well as the main website menu.

With a simple down scroll, you will come across the services offered, clients’ testimonials, and the main features of the company. The main menu interface is simple, eye-catching, and user-friendly with nearly all the necessary information you may want – pricing, testimonials, company information, and a contact form. For site usability and design, I rate 3.5/5.

Quality of writers

Though advertise lots of writing services, they majorly deal with Ph.D. thesis and dissertations. In consideration that focus on top academic level papers, writers are expected to pay much attention and efforts in doing such work. Not to accuse the writers, all the information or rather the content they deliver is related to the topic, which is a clear indication of in-depth research. The only problem inherent with writers is that they often tend to forget reference citing. Also, some clients have raised a few cases of grammar mistakes.

What makes an average writing service is a fact that though what they offer is well researched, there are cases of grammar mistakes and reference citation omission. For the quality of writers, 3/5 will do.


When it comes to prices, have nothing much to hint about since you can quickly know the amount you are supposed to pay for your paper. On the main menu, there is a price button which after pressing, you will be directed to a pricing table. The minimum amount per page is $17.55 for a high school essay with a deadline of more than 14 days. For a Ph.D. paper, you can pay up to $48 per page for urgent order.

There are some free services which I can confidently term as bonuses and discounts. These include the cover page, revision, Bibliography, table of content, and Email delivery. For prices, I give 3/5.


When faced with tight deadlines, is the best writing service to try, they still deliver. The last time I had a short time of 3 hours, which to me was like impossible, could still manage to give me a quality 2-page essay an hour earlier. This is what impressed me much, and has made me not only a loyal customer but also a regular one. They can deliver you a quality paper just in a few days if not hours. For deadline, I rate 3.5/5.

Customer service

Customer service is a little bit tricky aspect for Despite their much advertisement about an always-online customer support representative, the response rate is slow. It takes a long time to get replies to your queries something unacceptable for such a giant level professional writing service. The live chat option is there, which seems to be the better and easiest way of communicating with customer support representatives. For the one time I needed to do some editing in the work I had uploaded, I had some challenges reaching them. With customer service, I rate 2.5/5.


Even as the name suggests, major in two areas, which makes some clients seek services from other writing services. The quality of their work is comparable to none; the content is on point with well-researched information relevant to the subject topic. Also, the choice of words and sentence structure is okay, but still minor grammar mistakes, and reference omission are inherent.

Generally, the customer support response rate needs to be improved. One or two individuals can be added to the customer support representative team. In overall, I rate with 3/5 stars.

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