College admissions problem has increased in the current era. Students lack proper guidance in application and plays a significant role in closing that gap. It has professionals that ensures excellent editing and guidance services are given within the customer’s recommended time. The review below provides more information on what offers at customer’s comfort.

Usability and design of the website

There is no much to complain about the collegevine’s webpage. Their page is uniquely designed and well organized. It is structured in such a way that it is easily accessible even with limited internet access and with even mobile phones. Their content is hosted well making it easy to surf through. Details on how to contact them are indicated by the proper instructions given on the webpage. For usability and design, I give a 2.5/5.

Quality of writers

I have contacted many sites, but college vine is the best in essay editing services. They have professional writers across almost all fields. Their work is excellent and unique in their way. is impressive, and it is the best in helping students in essay writing. They were able to guide me through my essay, and I had an enjoyable experience. The essay specialists are quick and accurate depending on the word count of your essay. They do not write the article but instead edit and give you guidance in writing, and that’s what I liked most about them. For a student wishing to fulfill their college goals and acquire success, is what I recommend. Their writer’s work is of high quality with no partial plagiarism nor grammatical errors. For quality, I give a 3/5

Price prices are affordable. Prices are set depending majorly on three factors deadline, the number of pages and the academic level. The minimum amount you can pay for a standard essay review is $12 per page. This amount is equivalent to the quality of work they give in the essay. I was able to send the same article to another company for less amount, but the quality was not to my expectation.

The price could be high for students with an uptight budget. Unfortunately, the service does not indicate if there are discounts given, but for quality purposes, is the way to go. For pricing, College vine gets a 3.5/5.


I was amazed by the speedy culture college vine has. You can get results even overnight. Their response is between one and a half hours to forty-eight hours depending on the word count of your essay. They respond to you within the unexpected time even long before the deadline. They gave me a response that same day after four hours on my article. They are faster and accurate. For deadlines, I think a 4/5 will do.

Customer service

The connection between the customers and the service providers is well developed and organized. It allows for an excellent relationship to build up between them. They have incredibly talented students and staffs working for them. uses students to build another student. They provide room for consultation which is free in case the students want clarification among other things. Their response to emails and calls is excellent. Their rate of reply is fast and makes them easily reachable.

Apart from that, college vine has helped many students secure scholarships to their dream universities and colleges. Students work one on one with consultants through all aspects of the college application process. Also, they provide a mentorship program where the student builds up his or her high school resume from ninth to eleventh grade. offers services to all people regardless of socio-economic status. They have developed the elite application programs like the Common App and connections to programs such as the Ivy League to enable students to gain acceptance to the most competitive universities in the world. The has a friendly support team, easy to approach and talk to and the services are available 24/7. For customer support, I give a 3.5/5.


As illustrated above, the college vine group provides excellent services but there still issues they can improve on. If they can give discounts or indicate them on their website if they have, it will market them well in the world. It is also essential to include essay writing tips on their website for all to access. With that, they will gain more competition in the competitive writing world. My paper met the quality I desired, and I was impressed and would direct anyone to services. I recommend this site with 3/5 stars.

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