Review has a lot to offer when you take a glance on their website. The question you should have is whether the impression will last to the real content, to be wise. Nearly all of the information on the screen looked convincing for accuracy. I took an interest to find more about the company. The company paints a picture of a real company, but on further findings their services are poor. Customer services are delayed, and it took me a while longer to reach them due to traffic because it took everyone’s eye to read everything. The structure was poor, and the presentation was not well off. Curiosity will still make you read reviews to get detailed information concerning the company.

Usability and design of the site

The impression I got from the first sight was impressive. I made a step further to create an account to use for ordering essays. Ironically, the type of essay I got did not put a smile on my face. However, the content was communicating; the wordings were directly copied from the internet which discouraged me from further use. Compared to other essays I have used before from other sites; I would not recommend one from here the next time. The kind of service would best fit a defaulter customer, but I was not although the instructions on how to reach them are simple and clear. 1/5 stars will do for buyassignment usability and design of the site.

Quality of writers

The content of the paper missed on the point. Probably because there was no communication to get the responses which affected the material significantly. The writer understood the question based on his views and not the real requirement of the article. Besides missing on the testimonials, the reviews of the website were missing. The phrasing was oddly constructed, and the paper suffered from quality. It left me wondering whether the writer was using English as the second language; it was not a proficient speaker. The bright side was that grammar was in proper check and spelling mistakes were missing. With the quality of writers I give 1.5/5.


To figure out the cost of your content, you go through the order table or use the price calculator. The other consideration would be the content you require, academic level and the deadline you set. To give an instance of a professional paper written from scratch, with a period of 4 days will be a figure between $27 and $29.There is no discount and promotions given. This puts the sight on bad light of money and to a student with hard fixed budgets, this site will not be the better option. When it comes to price, I give Buyassignment a rating of 3/5.


Time is money. I sincerely have not to say the least about this site, my order came past the scheduled time and it inconvenienced me on other schedules. It was a good pointer that the sight was only convenient when you had all the time with you, that is, not appropriate for those with busy schedules. This means, for bigger orders, they will fail to submit them back and you may land in troubles and inconveniences. The sight is not as fast as it is in the advert. Deadline, I give 1.5/5 stars.

Customer service

Customer services are one of the considerations before you proceed to make your orders. The sight had contacts on display, that is, the contact number, email, and free live chat service. The response rate was however disappointing; I had to wait for long before I got any response. Essential to your attention is that if you had any complaints, it would not be as easy as you thought to solve the issue; however small it may be. Let’s use my case, I asked them for a refund on my paper, but it took me much cost trying to convince them via the not free calls, good enough they refunded me at last. A 2.5/5 rating for customer service fit.


In summary, this writing review is poor in customer services as they cannot be relied to respond on time. This lead to customer inconveniences. Further, the content coverage was worrying to excellent academic writing. The company needs to reconsider their prices because they should not take more than they deserve and should have mercy to students who could be struggling to fix their budget. Also should finish an order on time if they need to secure more customers; otherwise other sites offering better services will outrun them in the competitive essay writing market. On average, 2/5 stars will do for

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